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Naylor's Wood Floors ~ Brenham, Texas
Staircases ranging from plain and straight to grand and sweeping are part of most wood flooring installer's repertoires. But when Dewayne Naylor, owner of Brenham, Texas based Naylor's Wood Floors took on a job at the home of a lawyer with a penchant for stargazing, his experience entered a more heavenly dimension with the installation 42 stunning mesquite treads on a spiral stairway to the stars.

The floating spiral – located in a telescope tower attached to the residence – is continuous from the top of the tower down to the basement and incorporates three landings that provide access to each of the home's levels. Each of the treads on this impressive staircase, designed by Living Architecture and Construction was hand cut by Naylor's James Mantey and Jose Torres. The installation worked from the basement up. The first 17 steps were built on-site, glued and nailed down over plywood steps and sanded and finished in place – a task involving many precise angles that had to fit tight to the rounded wall. The other 25 stairs to the top were pre-cut and sanded and finished before installation, scribed against the wall, cut to length and screwed to a metal plate. The plate cantilevers out and attaches to the rail of the staircase, suspending the portion of the staircase from the top floor to the main level out from the wall, Naylor says.

The team installed a total of 2,000 square feet of random-width ½ inch thick mesquite on the spiral staircase and other areas of the home. At the bottom of the stairs, the mesquite was inlaid with a star medallion featuring black walnut and maple, species chosen for their ability to stand out and to create a three-dimensional look. The star inlay gives those venturing down to the basement a glimpse of what's house there – a home theater used to showcase the images of the heavens captured by the telescope above.

Although spiral staircases are a rarity in Texan architecture, the mesquite lends it an inviting familiarity. "The character of the mesquite sets off the whole theme of the house. I think it gave it more of a native Texan feel," Naylor says, adding the mesquite flooring ties in well with the doors and cabinetry. Although the installation was straightforward, it was still a memorable job. Naylor says, "We have done lots of other floors that were more challenging. This staircase's architectural design was the winning factor. It is definitely a striking piece. N.S.


Great job; the floors look great! — Gary

An absolutely great job. Our floors look new again. Thanks so much!! — Cathy

Thank you so much for a job so well done! Your workers were very professional, respectful, efficient, and they’re artisans. We have new floors that we can be very proud of and enjoy for many years. — Robert & Martha

It was our pleasure to have you assist us refinishing our floor. — Glen & Reanna

The floors look very nice. — Cynthia

We are so pleased with the floors. You did a great job. — Mary

Good job on the floors! — Charlotte Dewayne, Will drop by and pay remaining balance this afternoon. I'm very happy with the floors; they look fantastic and really add a touch of class to my home!  The wood we chose actually looks better than I expected.  I will be happy to be a reference for your work if that would be helpful to you. You're also welcome to bring prospective customers by my house to see the floors. I have already been telling others how pleased I am with your work. Thank you very much for your professionalism, attention to details and prompt completion! — Ted